Music|Parody (Filk) Songs

I'm a Trekkie

By Jeff Duntemann

To: "I Feel Pretty"

I'm a Trekkie!
I'm a Trekkie!
Adolescent, pubescent, and free
And so Trekkie
That I hardly can believe I'm me!

I'm so racy
Yet so spacy
I can ball you until you can't see--
And then ask you
What you thought of "The Menagerie."

See those pretty ears in the mirror there?
(Plastic, I see)
Can you guess what those ears cost me?
(I'd rather not)
Got a phaser gun
Set it onto "stun"
Have a lot of fun
Falling out of trees!

As a Klingon
With a string on
Did my thing on the streets of KC;
Gave the Death Grip
To the cop who tried arresting me!

See the pretty hotel right over there?
(WHAT hotel WHERE?!?!)
Where we held Strektacular III--
(There's not much left...)
Took a lot of rum,
And some bubble gum,
My guitar to strum--
And some TNT!

I found Scottie
On the potty;
He was drunk and he threw up on me;
Golly gee!
I'm a Trekkie cel-eb-bri-teeeeee!

NOTE: Someone else wrote a pretty good bridge verse for this
to bring it into full compliance with the original song. I've
lost my copy, but it's the part that starts, "Have you seen
our good friend T'Miri..." Send me a copy if you've got it!