Music|Parody (Filk) Songs

The Zero-G Polka

By Jeff Duntemann

To: "The Beer Barrel Polka"

Think of action, and reaction
Never mind the lack of traction;
When the band begins to play,
Grab your partner's hand,
Simply kick away.
We'll be whirling, we'll be reeling
And rebounding off the ceiling--
Don't pull my leg, my dear;
I haven't one to spare!

When Stashu's saxaphone begins to blare,
You can tell he pumps a lot of air;
He tends to fly around the ballroom;
That's why we've tied him to his chair.
So if you'd like to join me in a beer,
We could meet above the chadelier,
And suck some Schlitz from plastic bottles
And sing: Hurray, the gang's all here!

Turn off the G-force,
We wanna dance in mid-air!
No other recourse;
Cling to the floor if you dare!
But let us warn you:
A foot in the face is no crime--
They say all is fair in love, war, sex
And two-fourths time!