Jeff Duntemann's Library: Biography

Adams, Henry The education of Henry Adams, (The Modern library of the world's best books) B0006D77BQ The Modern Library Unknown Binding 1931    
Adams, Henry The Education of Henry Items B000F6PYKA Houghton Mifflin Co. Paperback 1961    
Alban Butler Lives of the Saints   Benziger Brothers Hardcover 1887 New York  
Aronson, Theo The King in Love: Edwards Vii's Mistresses : Lillie, Langtry, Daisy Warwick, Alice Keppel and Others 0-06-016033-0 Harpercollins Hardcover December 1988 New York  
Benjamin Franklin The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin   Washington Square Press Mass Market Paperback 1966    
Brinkman, Susan The Kinsey Corruption 1-932645-71-3 Ascension Press Paperback October 2004    
clapesattle, Helen Drs Mayo 0-671-77042-X Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group Mass Market Paperback February 1969    
Clapesattle, Helen The Doctors Mayo [UNABRIDGED] B000EPPAZQ Mayo Foundation for Medical Education Calendar 1969    
Dessauer, John H. My Years with Xerox: The Billions Nobody Wanted B000CDQDXI Manor Mass Market Paperback 1971    
Dickson, Lovat H.G. Wells: His Turbulent Life and Times 0-689-70274-4 Macmillan Pub Co Paperback June 1971    
Eckardt, Wolf Von OSCAR WILDE'S LONDON 0-385-09703-4 Doubleday Hardcover October 6, 1987 Garden City, N.Y.  
Elst, Philip Vander Thinkers of Our Time: C.S. Lewis (Geological Society Memoir) 1-870626-98-2 Claridge Press Paperback July 1996 London  
Feynman, Richard P. What Do You Care What Other People Think ? : Further Adventures of a Curious Character 0-553-34784-5 Bantam Paperback October 1, 1989    
Feynman, Richard Phillips Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman: Adventures of a Curious Character 0-393-01921-7 W W Norton & Co Inc Hardcover December 1984 New York  
Flinders, Carol L. Enduring Grace : Living Portraits of Seven Women Mystics 0-06-062645-3 HarperSanFrancisco Paperback June 11, 1993    
Gaines, James R Wit's end: Days and nights of the Algonquin Round Table 0-15-197521-3 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Paperback 1977 New York  
Gallagher, Jim Padre Pio: The Pierced Priest 0-00-627881-7 Harpercollins Paperback March 1996    
Gary, Kelli M. 100 GRT SCIENTISTS 0-671-77148-5 Pocket Paperback June 30, 1969    
Geraldine Guinness In the Far East   Morgan & Scott Hardcover 1889 London G-VG; corners worn
Gill, Brendan Many Masks: A Life of Frank Lloyd Wright 0-399-13232-5 Putnam Pub Group Hardcover November 1987 New York  
Greeley, Andrew M. Confessions of a Parish Priest: An Autobiography 0-671-61084-8 Simon & Schuster Hardcover November 1988 New York  
Greeley, Andrew M. Furthermore! Memories of a Parish Priest 0-312-86964-9 Forge Hardcover December 1999 New York  
Grotta, Daniel J. R. R. Tolkien: Architect of Middle Earth 0-446-89410-9 Warner Books Paperback 1977    
Heyenreich, Ludwig H., Etal Leonardo the Inventor 0-07-028610-8 Mcgraw-Hill Hardcover April 1982 New York  
Johnson, Thomas Herbert Emily Dickinson: An interpretive biography B0007F9HTS Atheneum Unknown Binding January 1, 1967    
Keillor, Garrison Lake Wobegon days 0-14-009232-3 Penguin Books Paperback 1986 New York, N.Y.  
Loudon, Mary Revelations 0-241-13387-4 Hamish Hamilton Ltd Paperback May 26, 1994    
Mauldin, William Henry The Brass Ring 0-393-07463-3 W W Norton & Co Inc Hardcover January 1972 New York  
McCullough, David John Adams 0-684-81363-7 Simon & Schuster Hardcover May 22, 2001 New York  
Merriam, Eve (Editor) Growing up Female in America: Ten Lives B000CBD19Y Doubleday and Company, Inc. Hardcover 1971    
Peck, Joseph H WHAT NEXT DOCTOR PECK? B000EX30BY Prentice-Hall Hardcover 1959    
Perls, M.D., Ph.D. Frederick S. In and Out the Garbage Pail [ILLUSTRATED] 0-911226-05-2 Real Paople Press, Moab UT Paperback 1969    
Smith, Henry Nash Mark Twain the Development of a Writer 0-689-70184-5 Macmillan Pub Co Paperback June 1967    
Stetler, Susan Actors, Artists, Authors, and Attempted Assassins: The Almanac of Famous and Infamous People 0-8103-9409-X Visible Ink Pr Paperback June 1991 Detroit  
Stone, Irving Greek Treasure 0-385-07309-7 Doubleday Hardcover August 26, 1975    
Stone, Irving The Agony and the Ecstasy: A Biographical Novel of Michelangelo [UNABRIDGED] B000ESXDNY Signet Mass Market Paperback 1963    
Stone, Irving The Origin 0-452-25284-9 Plume Paperback August 1, 1981    
Stone, Irving Those Who Love 0-385-00157-6 Doubleday Hardcover September 22, 1965    
Tafel, Edgar (Editor) About Wright: An Album of Recollections by Those Who Knew Frank Lloyd Wright 0-471-59233-1 John Wiley & Sons Inc Paperback April 1993 New York  
Twombly, Robert Frank Lloyd Wright : His Life and His Architecture 0-471-85797-1 Wiley-Interscience Paperback April 1987    
Unsworth, Tim I Am Your Brother Joseph : Cardinal Bernardin of Chicago 0-8245-1667-2 The Crossroad Publishing Company, Inc. Paperback January 25, 1997 New York  
Williamson, G See Wayne run. Run, Wayne, run: An assessment of a candidacy 0-945736-01-0 Barkley Co Unknown Binding 1988