I've written SF for a long time, though not as much as I suppose I should have. Here's everything you might want to know about my efforts over the years:

The latest on my novel, The Cunning Blood, which was published in November, 2005.

My history as an SF writer.

My filk songs, which are song parodies related to things SF- and fantastical.

"Our Lady of the Endless Sky", Nova 4, ed. Harry Harrison, 1974.

"The Steel Sonnets", Orbit 17, ed. Damon Knight, 1975

"Inevitability Sphere,", IASFM, September/October 1978

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"Guardian", IASFM, September 1980

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"Borovsky's Hollow Woman," (With Nancy Kress) Omni, October 1983

"STORMY vs. the Tornadoes," PC Techniques, 1990. Reprinted in Infinite Loop, ed. Larry Constantine, 1993.

"Bathtub Mary," Infinite Loop, ed. Larry Constantine, 1993.

"Drumlin Boiler," Asimov's Science Fiction, April 2002