Cover by Todd Cameron Hamilton ©2005

The Cunning Blood
ISBN 0-9759156-2-2
Harcover with dustjacket; 144,000 words
360 pages, $28.00

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What people are saying about The Cunning Blood:

"The book is absolutely au courant, and actually extends the Great Work of SF in several unexpected directions. Like most ambitiously sprawling sui generis books, this one delivers the sense—as with the work of the recently departed Charles Harness—that the author has chucked every idea he had during the writing of the novel into the pot." —Paul Di Filippo, Science Fiction Weekly

"[Jeff Duntemann] returns with an ambitious, polished tale of intrigue, nanotechnology, and something that sounds a lot like mysticism...This one has a decent chance of ending up on award ballots." —Tom Easton, Analog (June, 2006) Read the review online.

"Jeff Duntemann's debut novel is a wildly inventive technofest that then morphs into something more: an examination of what it means that man is irrevocably a social animal.  THE CUNNING BLOOD confounds all the standard expectations for "prison planets."  Whatever you imagine Hell to be, you are certain to be wrong—and certain to be entertained."  —Nancy Kress

"Everything you want in a hard SF novel." —Bruce Schneier

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